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Window tinting is a popular service for most auto enthusiasts. Whether you want to give your car a new look or just give it some more protection against the elements, window tinting can help! At Filthy Unicorn Auto Studio, we offer Prime XR Plus window tinting.

We offer ceramic window tints made with durable materials that will last much longer and have better heat insulation properties than conventional window tints, which are more eco-friendly! It doesn’t just shield your interior from UV rays, but it’ll keep you more relaxed, too! 

We’ll take care of all your window tint St Petersburg FL needs – give us a call today! Call Us at (813) 755-1515.

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Providing You With Top-Quality Tinting Services

The window tinting professionals at Filthy Unicorn Auto Studio provide car window tinting services that will never have you looking back. We offer window tints of different colors and styles and can handle any window tinting needs you may have. With XPEL window tints, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is more protected from UV rays and heat. The window tinting services we provide are professionally done to keep your car looking new while still protecting its interior. Visit our About us page for more information.

If you want to give your vehicle even more of an edge, take a look at our Xpel ceramic coatings.

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Window Tinting At Filthy Unicorn Auto Studio

Filthy Unicorn Auto Studio offers various window tints that are applied differently to give it a finished look. The window tints are applied by using a wet film that’s stretched across the window and then squeegeed out from one side to another to get rid of any bubbles or air pockets. XPEL window tint can be installed on either the outside or inside part of your windows, depending on what you prefer!

Window tinting films are made of metal oxides and can be single-coated or multi-coated. Some believe window tinting is a costly service, but depending on the tint you go with and the protection needed, we know there is a solution for you at the right price. Filthy Unicorn Auto Studio is known for a variety of automobile services, including tinting and ceramic tints. Contact us to get a custom quote that fits your vehicle’s needs. 

It’s not a cheap process, but it completely changes the way your car feels inside and out. Filthy Unicorn Auto Studio is committed to providing XPEL window tinting services for all types of vehicles. It’s a professional window tint installation that will require at least two hours to complete. Window tints have different levels of darkness and can be removed in the future if necessary without damaging your car’s interior or exterior paint job.

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What Are The Benefits Of Window Tinting St Petersburg FL?

There are many benefits to window tinting St Petersburg FL that you can’t find from other companies. With us, your car will be looking stylish and sleek in no time! Check out the list below for more information about what our services offer.

  • It keeps vehicles cooler which helps with fuel economy as well as the interior comfort.
  • Blocks up to 99% of UV rays from entering the vehicle. This helps keep your car looking newer for a longer time.
  • It supports windows cleaner and is more precise with no water spots or streaks on them!
  • Window tints can lower any glare coming in through the window, which is great when driving on the freeway.
  • Customized tinting to give you a perfect look!