Unmatched Paint Protection Film Services in Tampa Bay Area

Supreme XPEL Paint Protection Film (PPF) in Tampa Bay Area

Elevate your car protection with Filthy Unicorn Auto Studio’s top-tier Paint Protection Film (PPF). As a true car enthusiast, safeguarding your prized vehicle is paramount, and our PPF is the ultimate solution.

Our PPF is a meticulously engineered, transparent layer of defense tailored exclusively for automotive applications. When expertly applied, it ensures a seamless, bubble-free finish that preserves your car’s aesthetics. Say goodbye to worries about rock chips, bug splatter, acid rain damage, and other environmental threats.

At Filthy Unicorn Auto Studio, we take pride in being the go-to choice for protecting car paint in town. Our wide inventory guarantees you’ll find the perfect fit for your vehicle’s needs. Your investment deserves the best, and that’s precisely what our XPEL PPF offers.

For further details and to fortify your car’s defenses, Contact Us at (813) 755-1515. Trust Filthy Unicorn Auto Studio to keep your vehicle looking its best for years to come!

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Ultimate plus

XPEL Ultimate Plus

ULTIMATE PLUS ™ is the revolutionary self-healing PPF that will provide you with peace of mind on open roads. This incredible product not only improves your vehicle's impact resistance, but it also delivers an unparalleled high gloss finish and protective barrier against things like gravel, oils or bug acids. The best part about this amazing innovation? It stops paint chips before they start so there is no need to worry!


XPEL Stealth

Your vehicle's paint will always be looking fresh and new thanks to self-healing STEALTH™. Whether your ride is matte, magno, frozen or frosted - we've got you covered with our innovative protection technology!


STEK Fashion

STEK's advanced PPF offer hydrophobic and self-healing properties, ensuring your car will stay in pristine condition. With a variety of styles to choose from, you can find the perfect finish for your vehicle.

Our Paint Protection Film Packages

Pain protection film half

Full Front Package

Pain protection film track

Highway Package

Pain protection film front

Full Body Package

Filthy Unicorn Auto Studio

Why choose Filthy Unicorn
Auto Studio?

Our auto detailing company offers professional paint protection film service. We install the film on all exterior body paint, glass, and metal surfaces. The PPF we offer has been designed specifically for automotive applications, so there are no bubbles or wrinkles when applied correctly. We have clients from all over town who rely on us which is why we always have plenty of inventory available!

We specialize in the process of PPF application and offer various products that will create a lasting presence on your vehicle. Whether you are looking for complete protection or a fashion look, we have the product offering that best suits your vehicle’s needs. 

We have been providing professional Ceramic Coating, PPF, and window tint installation services. We’re committed to customer service, and our priority is always on you, our client. We know that protecting the paint of your car is an essential investment for your vehicle, so we’ll make sure to do it right and provide you with impeccable workmanship. You can rely on us for your car protection since we understand paint and cars very well!

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Our Paint Protection Film Services Are Available In The Following Locations:

The Benefits of PPF Tampa FL

  • Protect paint from environmental hazards
  • Keep paint looking as good as new for years to come
  • Protect paint from rock chips
  • Resist acid rain damage
  • Keep paint looking clean and glossy
  • Bubble and wrinkle-free installation
  • Prolongs the life of paintwork by protecting it against environmental hazards that erode paint over time.
  • Leaves paintwork looking freshly detailed